• I graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Visual Communication Design and Politics.

  • I was a jack-of-most trades in the community newspaper I worked at before I left for South Korea in August, 2012. At 8am diary meetings I could have either been reporting, taking photographs, or designing the newspaper.

  • I have been freelancing since my third year of University (2010).

  • Some things I love include puns, satire, design for social change, unconventional use of typography, geometry, and movement.

  • I'm proudly from eRhini / Grahamstown, which is in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. #Makhandaforever

  • I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, to give myself no more excuses not to create. 2016 was the year I launched this website. Since then, I have been studying, keeping up with freelancing, launched my first exhibition, and performed poetry. 2017-2018 has been the time of doing all the things.

  • I finished a User Experience Design course through in January 2017.

    Juggling a job and university courses was a challenge, but one that i’m so glad I undertook.

  • I also did a Digital Marketing course through from October - December 2018.

The longer story

Graduation. Tick. Now, go and adult.

.....WAIT, WHAT?

When I chatted with my Design 4 lecturer after Grad, he candidly remarked that he was glad that I was there. It was simultaneously comforting and unsettling. I just smiled.

Other than a vague plan for a 1-way ticket to South Korea, I didn't know what was "next". I had placated myself with having reams of plans behind backup plans for years, with my ambition and ego at the forefront. Move to Cape Town. Become an art director/media mogul/activist/supherhero . Move to Joburg. Dominate. Lekker.

Things. did not. happen. this. way.

Fork, fork, fok, in the road. My final year of design opened me up to the reality that I had no idea how to channel the Pandora's box I had willingly opened by choosing to be creative - which, at times, is an awkward blood-stone dance. I didn't grow up with a sketchbook in my hand. I certainly didn't "Art".  I changed specialisations from Photojournalism to Visual Communication, and dove in.

By the end of my degree, I was more certain than I had ever been about which direction I needed to take. I decided to travel. To purposefully immerse myself in a society totally different to mine. To confuse myself, and hopefully, in the process, use that to make some sense of the unlearning that had already begun.

Fast forward to 5 years later. Up until recently, I lived in Taipei, Taiwan. I continued to freelance, I teach, part-time, and was lucky enough to meet interesting, like minded people from a variety of related industries.

Earlier in 2018, I made the decision to move out of Taipei. There is a beautiful, comfortable life to be had there, but it was time to move and see what this varied skill set could offer. I’ve taken a proactive approach to expanding my education, and am currently working as a digital designer in Johannesburg. So far, it feels like moving home has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Let’s see what happens in the next chapter of this not-so linear story.