Clay is a portrait and event photographer, based in Taipei.

He has been the resident photographer for the nightclub OMNI, and is a regular feature on the entertainment scene in Taiwan.

For his branding, I traverse the line between personal and professional. This logo is classic and bold with the use of geometric shapes and a flat design.



"I shoot what I like" is a moniker for multimedia journalist Thomas Holder, as well as his Instagram handle, @ishootwhatilike

As an expansion of his brand, he wanted to create a simple, effective logo that could be used on multiple platforms, including a potential apparel line.

I decided to use tones as opposed to space to differentiate between the five words in the name, which complements the nature of his existing handle. The logo is made up of these five letters, and shaped to look like a camera - his chosen medium of expression. I used a deconstructed version of this for the apparel line, and gave the option of various colour palettes.




Sean Borland is a Scottish magician & Body Language expert who performs and teaches internationally. Since October 2015, he has been based on the island of Sumba at the Nihiwatu Resort, where he is the resident entertainer.

This branding package included a logo design, infographic CV and a pitch deck for prospective clients.

Sean is currently gearing up for a 13 episode TV show, and a trip to the US where he will be performing in LA, NYC and Vegas. You can follow him on facebook, or instagram.